U11 Pathway Program


All U11 families should review and understand the U11 Pathway program put into place by Hockey Canada. This program has been implemented across the country by all provincial branches and minor hockey associations.





U11 - U21 C Division Updates

Our house conditioning skates for U11-U18 will be posted towards the later part of August.  Please continue to watch the website for updated information.

C Team Formation
U11 - U18

In keeping with the P.C.A.H.A. Fraser Valley East C League mandate of balanced teams and to mitigate player movement later in the season, AMHA has adjusted the “C” division team formation process.

Firstly, there will be no formal individual “C” player evaluation process or team draft as has been conducted in the past. To best use ice time for meaningful evaluation, players will be populated into Pods. The Pods will be constructed by the AMHA executive using prior knowledge of player abilities. The goal at this point is to create roughly equally skilled and
balanced Pods. These Pods will practice together until the formation of the “A” teams has been completed. U13A-U18A scheduled completion is September 15 th . U11A scheduled completion is September 22nd .

At this time final “A” releases will be placed into a Pod, once again as evenly balanced as possible. As well, Pods may be adjusted to ensure each Pod has a Head Coach and their protections (2). A Head Coach’s protections must be rostered team staff, i.e. assistant coach(es) and/or team manager.

Immediately thereafter, head to head games will begin between the Pods. This is where AMHA’s evaluation will take place, primarily by the corresponding division coordinator.

Player movement may happen at any time during the head to head game evaluation period. It will be the goal of AMHA to turn the Pods into balanced Teams prior to the start of regular season games in October.

AMHA believes that optimizing ice time and evaluating players in games will produce the best opportunity to create balanced teams and minimize player movement after meaningful games have begun.

Please be aware that although all efforts will be made to conduct necessary player movement prior to the start of the regular season, P.C.A.H.A. maintains the authority to force player movement if they deem teams unbalanced. Please take note of the P.C.A.H.A. Fraser Valley East C League General Operating Rules which states:

Section 6: Balanced Teams
When an Association has more than one “C” team in a division, these teams must be of a competitive balance. The league will monitor teams’ strengths and may require that the Association rebalance their teams if they are not adequately balanced.

Therefore, P.C.A.H.A will use team data such as wins/losses, goals for/against and penalty minutes… etc. to determine whether or not teams are competitively balanced.

AMHA appreciates your understanding and patience throughout this process, and are very much looking forward to kicking off our 50th anniversary season!